transport management system

Full-service transportation management

At Worley Warehousing, what happens to your shipments outside the warehouse is just as important as within. Our transportation management services are integrated with WAREPAK/400™, our tier-1 WMS platform, and your systems to provide customized solutions for all your transportation needs. You receive seamless support of all your freight from truckload and LTL to short-haul and parcel shipments.

We expertly manage your shipments, providing flexible transportation options on a regional basis. Transportation solutions provided to our customers and carriers include:

  • Route management, including carrier routing and route guide development
  • Bill of lading (BOL) creation
  • Near-plant shuttle and spotting services
  • Carrier tender process, includes tender-to-carrier and pickup verification
  • Trailer drop yard services with driver-equipped RF (radio frequency)
  • Real-time tracking data with carriers, includes ASNs (advance shipping notice) via EDI connections between trading partners and carriers on WAREPAK/400