The Best WMS. Period.

Worley Warehousing has been developing Warehouse Management System (WMS) software since 1980. That laser focus resulted in WAREPAK/400™.  Our system technology coordinates product receipt, storage, handling, and shipment in a seamless, efficient flow.

By using WAREPAK/400™, you’ll benefit from:

  • Real-time communication and online access to up-to-the-second inventory status
  • Flexibility to customize reports and processes to suit specific applications
  • Improved speed and efficiency, thanks to increased productivity, maximizing space, and reducing travel time
  • Minimized manual labor and improved accuracy, thanks to automated picking, order staging, bill-of-lading, packing slip generation, and EDI order confirmation
  • Data tracking and inventory control that’s the best in the industry
  • Integration with your system platform
  • Full product traceability
  • Maximum productivity, thanks to calculated velocity for reslotting and the ability to perform dual interleave tasks, such as putting product away to pulling product for order fulfillment

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