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E-Commerce customers have expectations. They want to find what they want online. They want to order it. They want to receive it. And they want each of those steps to happen quickly and effortlessly. To meet—and exceed—these expectations, Worley Warehousing offers a broad range of capabilities for Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C). We take a customer-centric approach and remain nimble so that changes can be made on the fly. E-Commerce order fulfillment stitches together customer orders, product picking, packing lists and shipping labels for ground express shipping. Orders are executed—on time, every time—whether you need to fulfill one order or process a 40,000-order event.

Our Process

WAREPAK/400™, Worley Warehousing’s own integrated warehouse management system software, offers a range of capabilities that result in seamless and standard format Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), real-time transmission of inventory volumes and, ultimately, order fulfillment. WAREPAK/400™  is so versatile it can track inventory down to the individual consumer unit.

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