Sustainable Logistics At Worley

At Worley Warehousing, we are committed to the environment. We recognize that distribution and transportation consumes enormous resources and have always had an eye toward reducing waste. Throughout our companies, we practice continuous improvement, which brings efficiencies to our entire supply chain network that naturally conserves resources.

We remain in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements to provide a safe and secure work environment. We continue to research and train employees on ways to benefit the environment by controlling waste management throughout our supply chain network, and we maintain performance metrics for reducing waste.

By design, we strive to run green warehouses with economy of movement and safeguarding the environment in mind. This includes smartly located inventory in our DCs, and conserving fuel throughout our network.

Our green logistics initiatives include:

Fuel Efficiency

Optimization of routes and freight consolidation practices, including pool distribution programs, to reduce fuel consumption and minimize irregular truck routing.


We follow our green logistics mission to recycle as much as possible. Our standard operating procedures (SOPs) include recycling paper, cardboard, wooden pallets, plastic stretch wrap and other materials at our facilities and DCs. We recycle approximately 5 tons of materials each year.

Material Efficiency

We’re always focused on product quality, store appearance and superior order-pick accuracy.


Promoting environmental awareness throughout our organization: environmental sustainability is a part of our Worley employee quality training system.

Lighting Efficiency

Our ongoing lighting replacement program includes retrofitting old lighting with energy-efficient lighting, such as T5 LED lighting with motion sensors.