automated picking

Optimized Order Picking

Today’s dynamic ecommerce marketplaces often draw orders from multiple channels for different types of customers, whether wholesale to a retailer’s DC or store, or direct-to-consumer (D2C) to a doorstep. At Worley, we’ve perfected facility layout and slotting for optimized order picking across channels, no matter the type or size of order.

Supported by our worldclass WMS, WAREPAK/400™, we easily customize picking methodologies to ensure efficient consumer fulfillment. Our pick and pack solutions are highly adaptable to your business as it grows or changes. Single-pick and small-batch order picking scale with your seasonal and promotional order fluctuations.

Our automated inventory and order management systems are backed by our quality control practices for flawless D2C fulfillment. We use these picking methodologies:

  • FIFO/LIFO inventory rotation methods
  • Entire or partial order picks
  • Wave picking for customers with large numbers of SKUs
  • Batch picking to reduce labor and fill more than one order simultaneously