pick and pack warehouse

We excel at full-service pick & Pack

Your order fulfillment depends on efficient, accurate pick and pack. No matter the size of the order or whether you need to fulfill orders to your retailer customer’s DC, store, or direct-to-consumer (D2C), Worley Warehousing is your answer.

You benefit by our industry-leading high inventory accuracy and order fill rates which uphold your brand’s reputation and save on supply chain costs.

We minimize labor and time in the warehouse with our experienced staff and advanced technologies. Our direct picking process uses our tier-1 WMS, WAREPAK/400™, to confirm product and volumes—in real time. We use SKU, inventory location and code date, lot or serial numbers to allocate inventory for order fulfillment. We create a pick and load task for the movement of inventory from the storage locations to our fulfillment and packing areas where shipments are processed.