Innovative WMS Software.

Since 1980, Worley Warehousing has been developing Warehouse Management System (WMS) software that coordinates the storage, handling, and shipment of your product in a seamless, efficient flow. That singular focus on WMS software resulted in WAREPAK/400™.

Our integrated WMS software features:

  • Radio Frequency Work Manager—that can be phased into your operation at a controlled pace, resulting in real-time communications and task-interleaved labor management
  • Receiving and Directed Putaway—identify incoming product and maximize warehouse storage; define the putaway sequence when searching for the best storage location
  • Shipping and Direct Picking—identify, plan, and analyze inventory handling to manage and fulfill all shipping requirements; use SKU, inventory location and code date, and lot or serial numbers to allocate inventory for order fulfillment
  • Inventory Accuracy—ensure positive identification during each warehouse activity through real-time Radio Frequency equipment or data entry into a terminal from an updated paper list
  • Production Hold and Traceability—full product traceability, from product type to brand, lot, and date code, to Julian Date
  • Integrated EDI and ASN (Advance Shipment Notification)

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