Scanning PackageFulfillment—On Time, Every Time.

Worley Warehousing will fulfill your order—regardless of the unit of measure or mode of shipment—on time, every time. Order-processing communication is the key—and our systems are integrated with UPS and FedEx to streamline your E-Commerce fulfillment requirements.

Our System

WAREPAK/400™, our extraordinary warehouse management system, sets minimum inventory notifications to help manage your available product, thus preventing stock outs.

Our Process

Using WAREPAK/400™ , we set an appointment for outbound shipping. Once the appointment is set, the order is dropped into the cue for order picking. Our system then sends information to operations personnel to gather the product for shipment. We apply the bar code—or scan the bar code on received product—to verify picking accuracy. With each transaction, the inventories are decreased—in real time. Once all of the product is scanned, the order is complete.

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