Fewer Touches. Optimum Productivity.

When it comes to automated picking, it’s critical to have a warehouse management system in place that reduces repetitive movement of product and improves overall productivity.  Worley Warehousing’s warehouse management software WAREPAK/400™ delivers. WAREPAK/400™  establishes pick location settings that direct staff to the most efficient route through the pick line, resulting in the least number of touches and automatically allocating product into optimum pick locations.

WAREPAK/400™  provides:

  • SKU Barcoding—greatly improving inventory accuracy
  • Real-Time Inventory Updating (with RF)—with stage location scanning or loading door barcode license
  • Manual Paper-based Inventory Updating—with one keystroke or on a line-by-line basis
  • Forward Pick Area Replenishment—for more efficient picking
  • Product Substitutions—consignee files can be flagged and substitutions made
  • Manufacture Date/Lot Picking—for the pick sequence for specified consignees
  • Shipment Staging—in preparation for future loading
  • Validation—through Radio Frequency

Our automated picking process considers:

  • Inventory rotation methods (LIFO, FIFO)
  • Pick for speed (pick from last location first)
  • Pick sequence utilization (pick to clean storage location)
  • Alternate user specified pick locations

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