Clean. Safe. Superior.

Since 1977, Worley has been focused on being a world-class logistics and warehousing company—superior in service, quality, technology and processes. We offer:

  • Diverse facilities—with more than 2.5 million square feet
  • High standards—we earn only AIB superior ratings
  • Safety—it’s at the top of our list of values, along with quality and productivity
  • Tailor-made operating plans—to optimize your business
  • Timely fulfillment—for any unit of measure or shipment mode
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification—because we value quality
  • USDA Organic Certification—since 2007

Our services include:

  • WAREHOUSING/DISTRIBUTION: We provide clean, quality, sanitary warehousing—and flawless managing, tracking and handling, thanks to WAREPAK/400™, our exceptional warehouse management inventory system. You can also count on:
    • Accuracy—we have the best inventory tracking and accuracy in the industry because we’re always striving for 100-percent accuracy
    • Temperature-controlled storage—whatever your product, we have a temperature-controlled, 24/7-monitored solution for it—from humidity control to air-conditioned storage
  • ONLINE INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: We give fast, effective and accurate responses to your inventory needs through:
    • Cycle count programs
    • Inventory traceability
    • Held inventory management
    • Fulfillment and replenishment
    • Velocity code management
    • Damage recoup/rework
    • Inventory inspections and sampling
    • EDI transactions
  • CROSS-DOCKING: Continuous communication—between suppliers, distribution centers and all points of sale—ensures information, product and order selection all work together to meet your objective of cross-docking with shorter lead times and higher order fill rates.
  • PALLET PROGRAMS: We save you time and money by using pallets and containers through providers, such as CHEP, iGPS and PECO—those with a proven track record of quality–and we track them with WAREPAK/400™  WMS to ensure pallet inventory accuracy.
  • KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS: We’ve developed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and operational metrics to meet and exceed your goals—and improve our service to you.
  • BUILD-TO-SUIT FACILITIES/WAREHOUSE LAYOUT: Thinking about building a warehouse? Worley can provide a full menu of services, from site development to building your warehouse to laying out and designing it—and then operating it. End result: a flawless start-up.
  • IMPORT/EXPORT MANAGEMENT: Our customer service team knows international shipment requirements. We’ll make your international logistics seem simple.

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