Emerging Logistics Hot Spots

As the economy continues to regain strength, there are regions which are positioned and prepared to support the nation’s growing logistics needs efficiently. Logistics “Hot Spots” such as Kansas City, St. Louis and Will County, IL, are demonstrating their capability as commerce friendly connections for initiating and terminating traffic for dispersion across the Midwest. This premise is discussed by DC Velocity magazine in its feature article Emerging logistics hot spots: The Midwest.” (Feb. 28, 2013 issue)

Worley Warehousing is headquartered in the heart of these logistics hot spots. We benefit by having access to a labor force with an exceptional work ethic, a superior transportation infrastructure and a business friendly environment.  When you bring all these factors together they reflect what Professor Yossi Sheffi of M.I.T. refers to as an “Industry Cluster.”  These clusters offer a complimentary set of services each supporting one another for supply chain efficiency. Worley warehousing has the experience and proven capability to expand with companies who see the value of positioning themselves in an economically stable and logistically efficient region.

Written By: Worley