Behavior Based Safety Program

Kay Fajingbesi - Worley Safety Leader

Olukayode “Kay” Fajingbesi – Worley Safety Leader

At Worley, safety is not just our number one priority; it is also our number one company value. Our safety program is unique in that every employee plays a significant role in achieving our incident/injury free goal.

So, how do we make sure our employees go home safe every day? In many ways. Just recently we implemented a Behavior Based Safety, or BBS program, which is designed to encourage all of our employees to talk about safety in a fun and effective way that keeps their awareness level high at all times. The employee participation in this program over the past four months has been outstanding. We’ve made over 1,000 safety observations and provided feedback; safety observations that could have played a huge role in saving a life. The data generated from our BBS program has also directed us to other latent hazards that we may not have recognized had it not been for the diligent trending and tracking by our safety team.

We recognize, however, that safety observations alone do not prevent injuries from occurring, so we also meet and exceed all OSHA standards, especially those regarding near miss and incident investigations. This is evident in the neat and tidy appearance of our lift trucks. We firmly believe if we catch the small incidents, we stand a much better chance of preventing the bigger ones.

Some might still wonder why we take safety so seriously. The reaction of the new hire on their very first day of work says it all. To me, that is what Worley is all about, and that is the reason why we take safety so seriously!! For employee and customer satisfaction.

Written By: Worley